Crocus Walk

Crocus Walks for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Organised to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the Crocus Walks and associated events in the community have raised £15,046 in the past eight years (£2,592 in 2013 alone).  The Crocus Walk combined a walk in the Dorset countryside with a Raffle and other activities, usually based at a local pub.  The 2014 Crocus Walk took place on Saturday 29th March from The Gaggle of Geese in Buckland Newton and with associated events raised the fantastic sum of £1,596 for Breakthrough  -  see photos below. Breakthrough Breast Cancer: Visit to the Laboratories in London on 27th April 2013 Alison Chant, Jane West, Janey Pfeffer and Catherine Shippey visited the Institute of Cancer Research, which houses the laboratories for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  Cathy Shippey reports: "Our tour of Breakthrough included a visit to the laboratories.  270 scientists work using a 'bench to bedside' approach to discover causes, diagnoses, and then treatments for survival.  New chemotherapy drugs call PARP Inhibitors, which only attack tumours and leave healthy cells alone, are now at the clinical trial stage for those whose breast cancer is hereditary.  This is the kind of 'breakthrough' which makes our own fundraising efforts worthwhile.  With regard to their Generations Study into hereditary breast cancer, take a look at the following statistics as an example of the extent of this research, and the need for funding:     The shelf space to store the questionnaires from the study is equal to the length of five football pitches     If all women in the study linked hands they would reach from London to Birmingham     Blood samples from the study are stored in more than 3 million plastic tubes "This year, Buckland Newton community have raised £2,200 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer - how marvellous is that?  Bearing in mind that Breakthrough receives NO government funding whatsoever, every penny raised by people like us is invaluable to them, and the need has never been greater than now.  One in every EIGHT women will contract breast cancer - all the more reason for us to keep fundraising, and for Breakthrough to keep researching.  It is so important for us to realise how vital our work is and to be very proud of what we do; how very grateful Breakthrough are to us for what we do each year to raise money for them; and for us to keep up our efforts with our Crocus Walk and other fundraising events.  Over the years, a total of 1,471 challengers have raised £20 million, and the fifth Challengers' Wall comprises 690 special names, including Buckland Newton Community.  THANK YOU!  Madeleine Hewish, Academic Clinical Lecturer at Breakthrough, sends a huge 'thank you' to all of you from Buckland Newton, Pulham and surrounding areas for your exceptional generosity this year.  It makes an enormous difference, and will - for example - pay for hundreds of tissue samples to be processed for research purposes.  As Madeleine said, 'The more we know, the more we realise there is to know, and this money will help us to fund this desperately needed research'".
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