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Buckland Newton

Parish Council

Your Parish Councillors are: Nicki Barker (Chair), John

Baker, Jane Collins (co-Vice Chair),  Andy Foot, Roy

Godwin, Mark Needham (co-Vice Chair), Chris Osmond

(Recreation Officer), Sam Sowerby, Lin Townsend.

Your Flood Warden is Doug Morse (tel: 01300 345707) or

e-mail floodwarden@sky.com

Rights of Way Liaison Officer is Stephen White

Parish Clerk: Sarah Mitchell, 01258 817288 or e-mail Your District Councillors are Brian Haynes (Piddle Valley Ward - 6 Orchard Close, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorchester DT2 9PF tel: 01300 341277)  and Pauline Batstone  (Lydden Vale Ward - tel: 01258 472583).


Christmas Bin Collections

Refuse collections for the period around Christmas (Christmas Day to Saturday 13th

January will be different.  Click here to see the revised arrangements.

Parish Council Meeting Dates

Meetings are held in the Parish Rooms at 7.30 pm every second Tuesday of each

month.  If there are any changes, a note will be posted on the Parish Room door.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th February at 7.30 pm, in the Parish

Room.  The Agenda and associated Schedule for the January Parish Council Meeting

meeting can be viewed here.

Further meeting dates for 2018 are:

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Tuesday 11 December 2018

At Parish Council meetings, we include a 'Democratic Half Hour' to allow members of

the Parish to make representations at the meeting. This will be added to the Agenda,

before the main body of the meeting takes place, allowing Parishioners to leave if they

wish. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, or would prefer to write or

e-mail your concerns or potential resolutions, please can you advise the Chair or Parish

Clerk at least five days before the meeting, if possible.

Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of Buckland Newton Parish Council Meetings are available on-line from

December 2008.  Please use the tab opposite to view these Minutes.  For copies of

earlier Minutes, please refer to the Parish Clerk.

What is a Parish Council?

Confusion often arises because of the use of the word 'Parish' which most people would

connect with the Church. "Parish" is an old English word that means a local territory or

catchment area. A parish had two principal functions: firstly to act as a civil unit which

was responsible for the collection of taxes and tithes, the dispensing of justice and the

raising of armies; secondly it was an ecclesiastical institution served by a local church

or chapel, with a priest or similar clergyman tending to the spiritual needs of local

people.  By the late 19th Century, the two functions of civil and ecclesiastical parish

were formally split in law. The civil parish went on to develop into what we call the

parish or town council today (PC). The ecclesiastical parish or Parochial Church

Council (PCC) is now an entirely separate body. A Parish Council is now a statutory

local authority set up under the Local Government Act 1972. It is a corporate body with

a legal existence of its own quite separate from that of its members. Councillors are

elected every four years and a Clerk is employed to organise meetings, carry out the

council's decisions and give advice on any legal issues or new legislation. The Clerk is

the only paid person to administer and serve a council and is often the Responsible

Financial Officer too, but does not vote or make decisions for the council.

Parish and Town Councils in England are the first tier of local government.  They have

extensive powers ranging from the power to deal with 'offensive ditches', to acquire land

and my personal favourite 'to accept gifts'!! The list is too extensive (3 pages) to publish

here, if you wish, you can check out www.nalc.gov.uk for more information.

Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan

Under the Localism Act, Buckland Newton Parish Council decided to draw up a

Community Plan for the Parish.  A Parish Plan has now been completed and approved

by the Parish Council and can be viewed by clicking the Parish Plan tab opposite.

A Neighbourhood Plan has also been completed and voted on by a Referendum of

parishioners.  This allows us, as a community, to decide what happens in our own

Parish in the future. Neighbourhood Plans can include such topics as:

How much additional housing we need and where it should go How much of this housing should be affordable for local people only What additional employment opportunities we should allow Community facilities such as sports facilities and allotments Conservation measures, community open space and woodland Village signs, highway safety measures, bus shelters, etc

A total of 200 parishioners (37.8% of the electorate) voted in the referendum on the 2nd

November and 119 (59.5%) voted in favour of the Buckland Newton Neighbourhood


As there was a majority in favour, West Dorset District Council (WDDC) is now in the

process of setting up a special full council meeting on the 7th December to “make” the

plan. This means our Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted as a legal part of the existing

Local Plan for West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland, and WDDC planners will use it to

help them decide future planning applications in the parish.

You can view the Decision Statement here.

Also as a result of this, WDDC will be amending the relevant guidance notes and

webpage on the www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk website regarding the provision for affordable

housing in West Dorset. This is because Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan

requires a greater proportion of affordable housing on site and/or financial contributions

than anywhere else in the district; that is up to 50% instead of 35% elsewhere. Any

affordable housing contributions made by the developer will help support further

provision across West Dorset, and are in addition to the Community Infrastructure Levy

payments on open market housing.

Please see www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/developercontributions/west/weymouth for further


The result of the Referendum on the Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Plan, held on

2nd November 2017, can be viewed here.

A link to the Neighbourhood Plan as modified by the Independent Examiner can be

found here.

WDDC have produced an Information Sheet with all the relevant details which can be

found on www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk as well as here 

Additionally the Parish Council have made copies of the Neighbourhood Plan available

to parishioners for inspection in the following locations as from the 29th


The Village Hall

The Old Chapel Stores

The Church

Please do not take away the copies of the neighbourhood plan; they are in limited supply and very expensive to print. If you wish to borrow a paper copy for a day or two please contact John Baker on 345386.

Community Emergency Plan

The Community Emergency plan can be viewed by clicking the Community

Emergency Plan tab opposite.  The Environment Agency has also issued a notice

about new Flood Warning Areas in Dorset.

 Mobile Phone Signal The Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal Scheme is no longer available, but if enough residents complain directly to Vodafone then they may consider looking into the issue of black spots and poor signal in our area. You need to write to Customer Service and Complaints, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

Dog Mess

Please do not throw dog mess in the hedges or river. It should be put in appropriate

bins or taken home and put in normal household waste bins.

General Planning Matters

After each Parish Council meeting, there will be an entry in the Lydden Vale News

covering planning applications. Please be aware that due to the nature of the process,

the information will probably be out of date and it may be too late to make

representations by the time it is published.  Planning matters are included in the Parish

Council Minutes, published each month and which can be viewed by clicking on the

Parish Council Minutes tab opposite.

You can also keep a check on new applications locally by clicking on the West Dorset

Planning Applications tab opposite.  Simply enter "Buckland Newton" in the box

marked "Parish".  You don't need to know a planning number. This will bring up all the

latest applications, and clicking on the "Select" box will not only bring up the plans, but

also gives you the opportunity to send in your comments on any application

immediately on line. If you are concerned about a planning application, or whether you

need to apply for permission, you are very welcome to call the WDDC helpdesk on

01305 252492.

Salt/Grit for icy conditions and Sandbags

Salt/Grit bins are available outside the Village Hall and close to the Church. In case of

flooding, the village now has a supply of sandbags. If you are unlucky enough to require

use of these at some time in the future please contact Doug Morse on 01300 345707 to

find out how to obtain sandbags.  The village Flood Warden is Doug Morse (tel: 01300

345707) or e-mail floodwarden@sky.com

Parish Room

Currently the newly refurbished Parish Room is used by the cricket and football clubs

and also for the Parish Council monthly meeting.  Outside of these times it is available

for use as a small venue for local events/clubs or small social gatherings such as

children’s birthday parties etc.  All the Council would ask would be a donation of £5.00

towards the running costs for a half day booking and that the room is left clean and tidy

afterwards.  If you are interested in booking the Parish Room, please contact the Parish

Clerk for more information.

Junk Mail

This can be a real nuisance. It only adds to the volume of recycling and at the end of

the day our Council Tax to dispose of it. So unless you enjoy browsing through free

mail, it IS easy to cut down on 90% of it by removing your name from direct mail lists.

The best way to do this is: Write with your name and address to Mail Preference

Service, Freepost 29 (LON20771), London W1E OZT (you can pick up a form for this at

the District Council's Office in High West St in Dorchester). Or phone the Mail

Preference Service on 0845 703 4599 or go to their website on www.mcsonline.org.uk 

or e-mail 

Village Allotments

If you are interested in becoming a plot-holder please contact a member of the Parish


Bus Passes

More information at https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/travel-dorset/bus/national-bus-


Piddlehinton Gym

Piddlehinton Gym is located on the Enterprise Park in Piddlehinton. The Gym was

constructed for the American Army back in the 1930s and contains a large indoor space

with 2 full size Badminton courts. Besides a large car park one of the key distinguishing

features is a sprung wooden floor making it excellent for sports. A 99-year lease was

secured back in 2007 by the charity that runs the Gym and it is currently used for

Badminton, Junior Tennis, Archery and Motorcycle training (Saturday in car park) as

well as Drama storage. In the past, a bowling club (long mat bowls) as well as a

Zumba/exercise club have also used the facilities. The Badminton clubs in particular

have space for new members. Contacts and times of the clubs are: Gill Hadley 01300

348081 (Monday from 10.00 am), Alan Wiseman 01258 817512 (Monday from 7.30

pm), Pauline Adams 01300 345459 (Tuesday from 8.00 pm). The radio-control car club

also welcomes new members; contact is Al Mailer 07787 380541.

The charity that runs the club aims to provide the facilities at a reasonable cost, whilst

increasing the diversity of sports; Hiring costs for the hall and facilities are currently £17

for 2 hours regular bookings. Our goal is to improve utilisation, increasing investment to

refurbish and improve the facilities, hence benefiting all users.

For more information phone Paul Hayes, Chairman on 07930337459 Get inspired, get


Recycling and Refuse Collection and Calendar

To find out which day is your recycling collection day, go to

www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/recycling-and-rubbish-collections and enter your postcode,

select your address, 'return to content', then 'view all data from My Local'.  Then click to

view your next collection day.

Your Bin Collection - what the District Council will and will not collect free of charge in

West Dorset.  The Council are now enforcing their existing Waste Collection Policy to

try and reduce landfill waste still further.  In the past, this policy should have charged for

Garden Waste and Commercial collections but has not always done so.

Ordinary Household Waste and Recycled paper, tin and glass: Uncharged

collection continues.

Garden Waste:  There is now a scheme for our locality: for £45 per year (240-litre

wheelie bin) or £34 per year (120-litre bag) you can have garden waste collected

fortnightly.  Sign up on-line at www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/gardenwaste

The free alternative is to compost it in the garden or take it to the Household Waste

Recycling Centre at Louds Mill in Dorchester for onward  composting. 

Commercial Waste:  That generated by business premises such as pubs, shops or

business units, has to be in a WDCC wheeled bin or prepaid blue "Trade" sack if you

want it collected by the Council.

Domestic properties offering  Bed & Breakfast accommodation:  Uncharged

collection as this is treated as ordinary household waste.

Commercially-run Holiday Cottages:  These should pay to have their waste collected

using either prepaid blue Trade* sacks or a WDCC wheeled bin.  As each situation is

unique, it may help to phone 01305 262117 to discuss which is the most economic

route to collect this waste.

Parking Permits

Those of us lucky enough to have a car to get around often get exasperated when we

haven't enough small change for the fee.  Did you know that there is a Shopper's Permit

which allows 2 hours parking, or three hours if a disabled badge is also displayed,

(limited to one use a day) in several short stay car parks  in West Dorset – Dorchester,

Sherborne, Bridport, Beaminster and Lyme Regis? You need to look on the board at the

entrance  to make sure the permit is allowed,  These permits are available from the

tourist office but you need to take the car's registration document along with you.  You

can also now purchase or renew a permit online at


Permits are priced from £16 for one vehicle or £18.50 for two vehicles for each six

month period.  The website has been designed to work on smartphones, tablets and

desktops, enabling you to carry out transactions at a time and place that suits you. The

fully automated service will also send you a reminder when your permit is due to expire.

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