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‘Village Cafe’

Not a cafe in the conventional sense, the

very popular Village Cafe started life over

25 years ago and has been running very

successfully at Buckland Newton Village

Hall on the last Friday of every month

(except December and August).

The ‘Village Cafe’ was started for several reasons, the main ones being to introduce people new to the area to others and to keep people in touch with each other and what is happening in the village. Plea from keeper of the supplies for the Village Cafe Amongst the supplies in the Village Cafe cupboard box is a tupperware box especially for teaspoons and cake forks, all bought by cafe funds for use by the cafe. It was empty for the March Cafe! Could people, if they borrow out of the Cafe Cupboard, please return to the cupboard afterwards and not put into the general cutlery drawer in the kitchen. Many thanks. Most people of course ask to borrow from the cupboard. The Village Café is open to everyone in the local area.  It is non-charity-fund-raising, non-denominational, non-ageist, non-everything really.  It's just a chance for people in the area to get together for a chat over a cuppa and a piece of homemade cake.  We run it ourselves on a rota with two people 'hosting' it and various cakes being made by others.  It's very friendly and non threatening (if you are new we don't go quiet and stare at you when  you walk in - quite the opposite in fact).  If you haven't tried us out - well do.  10.30 am to noon-ish every last Friday in the month, except for December and August.  £1.20 buys you as much coffee and cake as you'd like but no doggie bags. It is not meant to be a fund raising event, there are plenty of those already in the village, but any money that is raised goes towards 'extras' for the village hall which will benefit the cafe as well.  All who drop in are assured of a warm welcome, some homemade cake as well as coffee or tea.  It is entirely run by villager volunteers on a rota basis.  If you would like more information, contact Fizz Lewis on 01300 345521. New Rota starting in September.  Please let me know if you would like to volunteer taking a turn either ‘hosting’ on the morning or baking a cake for it. I will be very pleased to hear from you.  Fizz Lewis 345521.
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